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Chiropractic Care More Effective Than Drugs for Pain ManagementAccording to research found in The Annals of Internal Medicine, neck pain can be more effectively treated through chiropractic care than with medications such as narcotics and NSAIDs. While over 75 percent of Americans experience some sort of neck pain, many will be given pain medications that do little to mask the pain and nothing to actually treat the pain. The few that will be advised to seek chiropractic care, however, will have a solid treatment plan offered and will work on reducing pain through relieving the inflammation and compression found as the cause of many neck injuries.

The Study

The study was conducted by a research professor at Northwestern Health Sciences University, Dr. Gert Bronfort, who recruited adults with neck pain for a scientific experiment. There were 272 people shuffled into three groups that were followed for three months to assess pain management of their symptoms. A group was in for 15 visits of 20 minute chiropractic care sessions, a group was given common pain medications, and the third were given exercises to do daily. In 12 weeks, 57 percent of the chiropractic care group felt better and 48 percent of the exercise group felt better, compared to 33 percent in the medication group.

The Problem

One of the most frequent reasons given for visits to primary care physicians and Emergency Room staff is neck pain. Through constant work and repetitive motion, stress and strain of daily lives, your neck can be a focal point for tension. This pain can manifest in a dull or sharp ache or hot and stabbing pain.

Chiropractic Solutions

Without locating the source of the pain, pain medicine will just mask some of the symptoms and not deal with the reason for the pain. By going into for soft-tissue work or spinal manipulation, the chiropractor is able to adjust the reasons for the pain you’re suffering from, which leads to less pain and a higher quality of life. As you can see, while you can jump into “conventional” medicine and take tons of pills for your neck pain, you can also bypass that standard and try the alternative medicine approach of chiropractic care.  Those who choose the chiropractic care model are usually more involved in their own healthcare issues, don’t care to take drugs, and have found that the “silver bullet”  pill that everyone is looking for just does not exist. Lasting health is more about a healthy lifestyle and no drug can make us live a healthy lifestyle, that is our choice. Alternative healthcare is fast being proved in Western civilizations to be not only a viable solution to pain, but a preferred one. Hopefully the Medical Association will see the writing on the wall and allow alternative therapies into the US.

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