If you are experiencing any radiating pain, numbness and tingling sensations we can  help. Our use of drug-free therapies to get to the cause of the pain and inform the patient how to take preventive measures to have a healthy spine that can last a lifetime.

Radiating Pain

Radiating Pain

This can be the worst pain because it is very noticeable with a sharp electric feel. Radiating pain usually has a nerve compression component to it and can lead to muscle weakness or permanent paralysis. This can be very serious and requires immediate attention to resolve the problem.

Numbness or Tingling

Research indicates that the pressure of the weight of a dime can cause numbness or tingling pain. Radiating pain, numbness and tingling is usually felt in the hands or feet. The patient may first notice it only affecting a couple of fingers, especially after a hard day of working. This type of pain can continue to worsen and many patients have complaints of their hand(s) going numb and the pain waking them up at night.

Centralized Pain

This pain is in one region and is often from chronic overuse. These types of pain seems to only get better after resting. Many people suffer chronic painful symptoms needlessly. As the cartilage  surfaces of the joints and the spinal disc wear down, the pain will continue to come back more often and can be tender and hot to the touch.

This pain is usually the result of our working posture and tends to be caused by poor habitual posture and poor body mechanics such as texting, computer station sitting, and driving or improper lifting. The most common regions of the spine affected causes neck pain and low back pain. This type of pain is usually described as a dull, achy or burning sensation. People who work on computers, factory production work  jobs that require the same repetitive body position for extended periods of time are more likely to have this condition. There is a condition now called ” text neck ” due to the hand held devices our culture now consistently utilizes.

The body tends to mold into the position that we most often do repetitively over extended times. Years of this molding tends to wear the bones, disc, and joint cartilage down into that position. This is when joint arthritis and disc wear tend to starts. Releasing these restricted joints and getting them aligned and moving decreases this  inflammation and the arthritis symptoms.

Unfortunately, with the ever-increasing use of mobile devices, we are looking down more and more. This continues to cause neck pain as well as cervical disc degeneration and is increasingly being seen in the younger population who are prone to using hand-held devices. This pain is usually a tingling or numb sensation and can be due to either hard or soft tissue putting pressure on the nerves (pinched nerve) that control the arms and hands.

So don’t wait to come in to see us.

The sooner we begin to address these postural patterns the better it will be on your body and the benefits to body can be felt immediately .

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